Made For Self-paced devs.

StackEd is your ultimate guide.

StackEd is a platform created to collect links to various content creators.We aim to help aspiring developers who cannot afford bootcamps through providing a central reference point. Self-paced learning is hard and often filled with doubts of whether you are moving in the right direction.

About Us

StackEd was made to help self paced developers. The aim is to target developers who cannot afford bootcamps. We believe that the resources exist somewhere on the internet but getting them in an organised fashion is tough. FreeCodeCamp does a great job in providing an organised curriculum. The aim here is to supplement organizations like FreeCodeCamp through c ollecting links to various resources. The resources range from videos tutoials, blogs, free books and even the simple things like twitter threads. Are you a content creator on things development and have links you would like to share?Let's pool resources in one place and help someone. Back Links are also good for SEO. 😁

Hello,I'm Karani,

I am a student pursuing Quantity Surveying. VueJs,Flask and PHP developer. A bit of Csharp. I give so much credit to content creators who took their time to share content for free. They are the people who taught me and hence I am not a self-taught developer, just self-paced. Many people around the globe face challlenges in their pursuit to learn literally anything. I made this platform to counter a challenge that is within my power . Developers in their pursuit of learning face other challenges that I may not be able to change. Lack of power, poor or no internet, programming gadgets,etc. If you can help in any way, please do.